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Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC is a team of experienced, results-focused trial lawyers. 

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Austin Civil Trial Attorneys. We are Austin’s professional lawyers.

We help our clients sleep better at night knowing their case or cases are being expertly handled. 

The attorneys of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC have made careers going toe to toe with some of the country’s largest law firms and some of the bar’s biggest names and coming out on top. We do it for a fraction of the cost of our competition or on a contingent fee when appropriate.

Most business disputes, even significant ones, just don’t need two or more lawyers showing up at every meeting, every hearing, and every deposition. Only one person can argue a motion or take a deposition. Clients in litigation are usually better served by a single, guided missile rather than an army. That focused, direct – and unique – approach is what Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC offers.

What is also unique about Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC is we will try any case, anywhere, at any time.  We have tried almost every kind of case, tried them all over Texas and tried cases from California to Maine.

And when a case cannot be resolved short of trial, Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC helps clients tell their stories when it’s their day in court. We do this by creating compelling narratives that are consistent with the natural inclinations and life experiences of the jury. Our deep experience helps our clients achieve impressive results.

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Skilled Yet Accessible

We provide the same level of skill and experience as large law firms, but are accessible to companies of all sizes.

Filling the Legal Void

There aren’t many options for businesses when it comes to finding competent and results-oriented litigators, and we aim to fill that void.

The Go-To Choice

We want to be the “go to” choice for companies of all sizes, with the capacity to take on large cases for large clients as well as handle the litigation needs of smaller local businesses.


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We have made careers going toe to toe with some of the country’s largest law firms and coming out on top.

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