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If you’re searching for Austin breach of contract lawyers, look no further than the experienced law firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC.  We have over 60 combined years of experience and are skilled litigators who represent businesses and individuals in Austin in breach of contract matters.

Without contracts, business and commerce in Austin would grind to a halt.  When contractual obligations are ignored or repudiated, business and individuals can suffer significant financial losses.

Best Law Firm AustinOur attorneys have tried over 500 cases all over the state of Texas and elsewhere — from California to Maine.  We know how to negotiate and settle breach of contract disputes in Austin and, when settlement is not in our client’s best interest, we know how to try a case in arbitration or federal or state court.  

Breach of Contract Issues 

When it comes to winning breach of contract cases, an attorney in Austin must be familiar with many issues, such as:

  • Is the contract binding?
  • Is the contract supported by adequate consideration?
  • Is the contract oral or written, and does it matter?
  • Was there a “meeting of the minds” or a mutual understanding of the terms?
  • Is there any ambiguity in the contract?  And, if so, what evidence helps shed light on the parties’ intent?
  • What defenses are there to enforcing the contract?
  • What damages flow from the breach?

Above all else, your Austin breach of contract lawyer must have a keen grasp on the practical issues surrounding your contract dispute.  There is no point spending a fortune on attorney’s fees if the judgment you win can’t be collected.  The attorneys at Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC always consider the best strategy to get the most real-world benefit for the lowest cost.  Sometimes that involves an out of court settlement, sometimes that involves a winning a jury trial and seeking to collect a judgment.  

Experience and Credentials Count

We have over six decades of experience in defending our valued clients and going up against much larger firms. Our attorneys serve clients who need breach of contract lawyers in Austin TX, and we pride ourselves on being high-powered attorneys who are accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Our clients are deeply important to us, and our performance is equal to our reputation. We strive to understand your long term business and financial goals as well as your short term goals to help guide our approach to your breach of contract case.

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Time is often “of the essence” when it comes to resolving your breach of contract issue.  Sometimes delay can be very detrimental to your case.  We stand ready seven-days-a-week to find out more about your case, advise you of your options, and seek emergency relief if necessary.  Please call 512-495-1471, email, or use this link to schedule a consultation.

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