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You may need an Austin fiduciary duty attorney when you believe a fiduciary is breaching their duties to you, your business, or your loved ones. Some common relationships that trigger fiduciary duties include: attorneys; partners; agents; corporate officers; partners; real-estate brokers; and employees. Fiduciaries owe the following duties, and can be subject to liability in court when they breach them:

  • Duty of loyalty and utmost good faith;
  • Duty of candor;
  • Duty to refrain from self-dealing;
  • Duty to act with integrity of the strictest kind;
  • Duty of fair, honest dealing; and
  • Duty to fully disclose all material information.

Best Law Firm AustinAt Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC, you know that you are getting an Austin breach of fiduciary duty attorney who puts you first and who cares about your questions, concerns and desired outcome. We’re zealously dedicated to all of our clients. You’ll work closely with your fiduciary lawyer in Austin TX so that they can understand even the smallest details about your case. We value efficiency and personal connections, so it’s always easy to get in touch with us. When you need an Austin fiduciary lawyer, we’re here for you. Let us help. We have more than six decades of combined experience taking on these and many other cases, and we know we can offer that same professionalism and excellence to you. 

Moving Forward with an Austin Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorney

You trust a fiduciary to act properly and with your best interests — or a loved one’s — in mind. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. If they act in their own interests instead and breach that duty, it may be time to bring in a fiduciary lawyer in Austin TX so that you can learn about your options and find out what next steps to take. When you pick an Austin breach of fiduciary duty attorney from our firm, you should know that:

  • We sometimes work on contingency fees
  • We have years of experience in fiduciary duty litigation 
  • Your breach of fiduciary duty attorney in Austin TX can meet with you for a free consultation on Zoom or over the phone
  • Your Austin fiduciary lawyer will have experience in court and with out-of-court options

Overall, you’ll get an experienced and dedicated breach of fiduciary duty attorney in Austin TX who understands what you need and what options you have. 

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