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When partners form a business, they typically have the same vision and goals. However, over time, rifts can form over how to move the business forward, the role that each partner plays and sometimes over actions by one or more partners. Whether your conflict is headed toward legal action or you need to negotiate an end to a partnership, choose Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC to serve as your Bee Cave partnership dispute lawyers.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Disputes

People who need partnership dispute attorneys in Bee Cave TX often deal with cases where a partner is accused of breaching their fiduciary duties to the partnership. If you have a partner who is surreptitiously competing with the business, stealing clients, misappropriating funds and/or stealing intellectual property or other assets, that’s a breach of their fiduciary duties. We serve as Bee Cave partnership dispute attorneys who represent clients on all sides of these disputes.

Many partnership disputes handled by those who hire us as their partnerships dispute lawyers in Bee Cave TX arise from a lack of specificity in the partnership agreement or outdated agreements. Maybe the partners originally planned to split all responsibilities and profits 50-50, but one partner is doing more than half the work. Sometimes one partner is only supposed to be involved in specific aspects of the business, but they’re making decisions in other areas. Whatever the issue, let us serve as your Bee Cave partnership dispute lawyers. We can provide skilled guidance and representation.

Why Choose Us as Your Bee Cave Partnership Dispute Attorneys?

When you hire Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC, you get the benefits of partnership dispute attorneys in Bee Cave TX with:

  • Over 60 years combined legal experience
  • Attorneys skilled at resolving cases via arbitration, negotiation and at trial
  • Attorneys licensed to practice in state, federal and appellate courts
  • Cost-effective representation

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