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Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC is an experienced civil litigation firm ready to represent you in Georgetown TX.  

If you’re looking for a Georgetown civil litigation lawyer, look no further than Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC.  We have the combined experience of over 60 years of litigation practice, and have tried over 500 cases throughout Texas and across the U.S. (from California to Maine).  

We represent businesses and individuals in courts in Georgetown TX in matters that are not criminal or divorce.  In other words, we represent plaintiffs and defendant in civil lawsuits.  

You may need a Georgetown civil litigation lawyer if you have a dispute involving:

  • fraud
  • deceptive trade
  • breach of contract
  • partnership disputes
  • debt collection
  • fiduciary duties
  • real estate transactions
  • construction
  • securities
  • shareholders or corporate governance
  • or many other issues.

Tell us more about your need for a Georgetown civil litigation lawyer. When you hire the firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC, you will get an experienced team who represents you as your civil law lawyer in Georgetown TX.  We strive to help you receive a successful outcome for your dispute.

Why Should We Be Your First Choice for a Georgetown Civil Lawsuit Lawyer?

There’s a lot on the line with your case, so you need a civil litigation lawyer in Georgetown TX who understands the stakes. You also need a Georgetown civil litigation lawyer with the ability to think ahead and plan for litigation, just in case all other attempts to resolve the case fall through. When you hire Thomas Williams McConnell to serve as your Georgetown civil law lawyer you get:

  • The combined power and weight of 60+ years of civil litigation experience
  • A civil lawsuit lawyer in Georgetown TX who always treats you like an individual
  • A firm that strives to be to make our legal services more affordable, by staffing cases efficiently and always keeping our clients’ bottom line in view
  • A civil lawsuit lawyer in Georgetown TX with the ability to go the distance and go to trial if necessary, so that we make sure we get the best solution by negotiation or through the court system

Whether you’re dealing with a broken contract, a disgruntled partner, deceptive trade, or some other dispute, a civil law lawyer in Georgetown TX can help you evaluate your situation and find solutions. We’ll always give you honest answers and explain the strengths and weaknesses of your position.

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When you need a Georgetown civil law lawyer with trial experience, you can count on us. Your initial consultation describing your need of a Georgetown civil lawsuit lawyer to us is free, so you have nothing to lose. Call 512-495-1471 or email us at The civil law lawyer in Georgetown TX that you need is just a phone call away.

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