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Conflicts involving real estate can turn ugly fast — and there’s always a lot of money at stake. If you find yourself facing a sudden problem, you can trust Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC to handle your needs for a Georgetown real estate litigation attorney. We are highly qualified to meet your need for real estate litigation attorney in Georgetown TX, an we work hard to aggressively protect your rights and advance your interests.

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Owners, buyers, sellers, brokers, developers and contractors all have unique real estate concerns. They each encounter unique challenges. A real estate dispute attorney in Georgetown TX needs to understand the issues you face, whether your problem involves residential real estate or commercial property. When you hire a Georgetown real estate litigation attorney to serve you from our firm, you get that understanding plus:

  • An advocate who has the combined weight of 60+ years of legal experience behind them, including decades of trial experience
  • A firm with a reputation for aggressive advocacy in court and unafraid to take on a challenge by a national firm or large corporation
  • A results-oriented approach that can help you quickly clarify issues and find workable solutions whenever possible
  • Transparent and fair billing, so that you are better able to afford services

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to real estate disputes, and we stand ready to take on time-sensitive issues any day of the week.

When you choose us as your preferred real estate litigation attorney in Georgetown TX we will help you better understand your legal options, whether your concern is a simple boundary dispute or a major breach involving a construction contract, sale, or lease.

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