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There are certain professions that inspire trust and allow clients to put their faith in their financial and legal advisors. If those advisors breach that trust, their clients are the ones who lose. But a Lakeway breach of fiduciary duty attorney can hold a dishonest advisor liable for the damage they have wrought. When you need a capable breach of fiduciary duty attorney in Lakeway TX consider the firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC. As you evaluate your need for fiduciary lawyer in Lakeway TX, know that we have impeccable credentials and legal skills to hold others accountable for breaching a client’s trust.

Do You Need a Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorney in Lakeway TX?

If you are untrained in Texas civil law, you may not know whether you need a Lakeway fiduciary lawyer or not. For instance, sometimes, things may just seem “off” with the handling of an estate or the management of a trust. The figures may look a bit wobbly, as if someone may have been bleeding the estate or taking advantage of the trust, and then trying to cover it up. But a Lakeway breach of fiduciary duty attorney can take a good, hard look at the case. With a seasoned eye, they can point out any discrepancies and bring forth a case alleging breach of fiduciary duty.

Maybe you think that your financial planner has been recommending a series of bad investments just for the commission they reap. Consider hiring us as your fiduciary lawyer in Lakeway TX because we can put together a watertight case against this disreputable financial professional. In some cases, a Lakeway fiduciary lawyer could determine that while mistakes were made, they did not rise to the level of a fiduciary breach. But this is not something that you would know without professional clarification.

It is never pleasant to have to confront a professional about misconduct on their part. But it is also quite necessary. Not only will doing so give you a chance to recoup your losses, but it will stand as warning for them or others who may be tempted to do the same that the consequences are indeed severe. 

Tell us about your need for a Lakeway breach of fiduciary duty attorney and we can start evaluating your case. Call 512-495-1471, email, or use this link to schedule a consultation.

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