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Far too often litigation arises from a disputed transaction or another adverse event. If you need a Leander civil litigation attorney, Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC has a long record of success in representing individuals and businesses large and small in legal disputes. If you are looking for a civil law attorney in Leander TX, we have 60 + years of combined legal experience and have tried over 500 cases in Texas and throughout the country.

Is Your Leander Civil Lawsuit Attorney a Seasoned Litigator?

Having strong negotiating skills is undoubtedly helpful in sorting out business disputes. But where the rubber meets the road is in the courtroom. You need a Leander civil litigation attorney willing to go to bat for you in court. We hope that you never need to retain a civil litigation attorney in Leander TX to defend you or file suit on your behalf. But it is common for business owners to require the services of a Leander civil law attorney.  We often represent clients in issues relating to:

  • breach of contract
  • fraud
  • deceptive trade
  • partnership disputes
  • corporate governance
  • leases and real estate disputes
  • securities
  • lending and debt collection
  • catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death
  • business disparagement and defamation
  • and many other areas.

Retain a Civil Lawsuit Attorney in Leander TX for Your Legal Disputes

Are you trying to find the best exit strategy from a business partnership that suddenly went south? Or, do you have a contract dispute over a noncompete? Regardless, it’s going to take a civil law attorney in Leander TX to sort things out. We always try to negotiate a winning deal for our clients. But sometimes, what you need most is a Leander civil lawsuit attorney with the legal chops to take it to trial.

When you need a civil litigation attorney in Leander TX, choose a firm with extensive experience in the fields of business and contractual law. Our attorneys at Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC know the intricacies of the Texas civil legal practice.  You need someone with knowledge, experience, and dedication to zealously pursue your case.

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