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Contracts are meant to protect the parties who enter into them. You’re expected to uphold your end of the deal. A contract is breached when any party doesn’t meet the terms they agreed to. Often breach of contract can result in significant financial loss that, in some cases, may be nearly impossible to repair.  If you’re involved in a breach of contract in Round Rock, you need a Round Rock breach of contract lawyer to represent you.

Thomas Williams McConnell Serves as Breach of Contract Lawyers in Round Rock TX for Either Side

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving breach of contract.  When representing the plaintiff, we strive to ensure that the contract is upheld, and that the defendant is made to pay for the breach. 

When plaintiffs hire Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC to serve as their breach of contract attorney in Round Rock TX, we help the client determine what types of damages you can claim. It’s important to think about every way the breach impacted you or your business so you can include all the damages.  Under Section 38.001(8) of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code, you may be entitled to your attorney’s fees in a Round Rock breach of contract case in addition to economic damages.

When representing the defendant in a Round Rock breach of contract case, we look into whether the contract is valid and enforceable, whether the plaintiff committed the first material breach, if the plaintiff failed to mitigate its damages, or if other defenses may apply.  For example, if the plaintiff committed fraud in inducing you to sign the contract, you may have a good defense to the breach of contract claim.

Benefits of Hiring Us to Serve As Your Breach of Contract Lawyers in Round Rock TX

We believe in taking a results-driven approach to each case. As a client of our firm, you can count on these benefits:

  • Commitment to work efficiently to keep costs down
  • Receiving the benefits of 60 + years of legal experience and over 500 tried cases
  • Comprehensive representation throughout your case
  • The ability and scale to handle breach of contract cases for large businesses as well as the flexibility to handle breach of contract cases for local Round Rock businesses

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