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When you’re the victim of a fraudulent business, it can be devastating to your finances and require an aggressive attorney to try to recover your losses.  On the other hand, facing civil fraud allegations can be a frightening experience that requires you to have a strong defense to minimize your liability you’re facing. Working with an experienced business fraud lawyer in Round Rock TX can help you to learn the options you have. At Thomas Williams McConnell PPLC, we provide Round Rock business fraud lawyers ready to review your case and help to determine how you can best move forward.

Business Fraud Attorney in Round Rock TX

Generally speaking, civil fraud is an intentional misrepresentation of material facts, reasonably relied on by another party to their detriment.  When you’re induced into a business relationship with a party based on false pretenses, that can be the basis of a fraud claim.  When a contract is “fraudulently induced,” you may be able to escape the obligations of the contract.  As your Round Rock business fraud lawyer, we will analyze your situation, advise you of your options, and prepare your best case.

Thomas Williams McConnell, PLLC has the experience and knowledge necessary to represent you in a business fraud issue in Round Rock TX.  We have over 60 years of combined experience and our attorneys have tried over 500 cases.  Most of our cases are in Texas, but our attorneys have tried cases from California to Maine.  If you choose us to be your business fraud lawyers in Round Rock TX we have the experience to handle:

  • Fraudulently induced contracts
  • Securities fraud
  • Fraud in connection with real estate
  • Consumer and business fraud
  • Forged financial instruments
  • Fraud by a fiduciary
  • Fraud related to lending
  • Asset misappropriation fraud
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Fraudulent transfer under the Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act

It’s imperative that you start working with us as your Round Rock business fraud lawyer right away so that you have time to put together a comprehensive strategy and act quickly to protect your rights.

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