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A business partnership provides an opportunity for people to pool their experience and capital together to build a business. Unfortunately, these situations don’t always turn out how they should. Partners might not get along, and this can lead to conflict. Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC can provide a Round Rock partnership dispute lawyer who can help you to find out what options you have to resolve the matter, whether that means settlement, dissolving the partnership, or a civil trial.  

Need a Partnership Dispute Lawyer in Round Rock TX?

Situations involving business partners who aren’t seeing eye-to-eye can become contentious fast. Working with a Round Rock partnership dispute attorney enables you to delve into the situation a bit more. A partnership dispute attorney in Round Rock TX can help you handle many situations, including: 

  • The need to end a partnership due to differences between partners
  • Situations involving a partner who may be skimming clients for personal gain
  • The use of proprietary information or trade secrets by a partner outside of the official partnership
  • Deteriorated relationships that require adjustments or dissolution of the partnership

In a partnership, each party has specific responsibilities and rights. Working with a Round Rock partnership dispute lawyer can help you to assess these so you know your options for the future. 

Benefits of Hiring Us to Serve as Your Partnership Dispute Attorney in Round Rock TX

Thomas William McConnell PLLC understands how important your business is for you. Some of the benefits of working with a Round Rock partnership dispute attorney with our firm include:

  • Transparent fee to keep our services affordable
  • More than six decades of combined experience
  • Firm representation throughout the entire process

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