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The Austin civil trial lawyers with Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC are experienced at prosecuting and defending claims of fraud.  

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Fraud comes in a variety of forms.   

Under common law, fraud can occur when a party relies to its detriment on a material misrepresentation made by another party who knew the representation was false (or made the representation recklessly, without knowledge of its truth).  It must be established that the party committing the fraud made the representation with the intent that the other party would rely on it. Fraud can be based on a false statement or deceptive conduct.  Where there is a duty to disclose, fraud can be based on non-disclosure of a material fact.

Fraud may exist in a contractual relationship where a party makes a promise of future performance with the intent, at the time the promise is made, not to perform.   Sometimes facts giving rise to a claim for fraud may also give rise to claims of deceptive trade, statutory fraud, or violation of the Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.  

If you believe you or your business have been the victim of fraud, you need experienced trial attorneys capable of zealously representing you.  The Austin law firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC is ready to assist. Contact the firm today to discuss whether you have a valid claim for fraud and to discuss your options.

From John’s interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

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