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  • Austin Trial Attorney Consult

Were you the victim of someone’s negligence?

We all owe a duty of reasonable care to avoid injuring others. Some of us also owe specialized duties depending on our profession or activities. When those duties are breached by someone’s negligence, the result can be terribly costly.

For individuals, negligence can result in personal injury, financial loss, and even death.

For businesses, negligence can result in financial loss directly to the business as well as potential liability, as in the careless disclosure of proprietary information by a vendor.

The Austin civil trial attorneys with Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC have represented businesses and individuals in a wide variety of disputes involving negligence or the breach of a duty of care. They are well-versed in Texas tort laws and remedies.

On the plaintiff’s side, the firm is committed to taking all legal steps possible to help clients minimize the impact of others’ negligence.

When representing the defendant in a negligence suit, the attorneys with Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC are committed to protecting their client’s rights and mounting a vigorous defense to liability.

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