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Partnership Disputes

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Are you involved in a dispute with one or more business partners?

When business partnerships go well, they can be generators of great wealth and prosperity. When partners get into disputes, however, the process of negotiating separation can be as bitter and emotionally-taxing as divorces.

Partners in Texas partnerships often find themselves in disputes with other partners. These disputes can arise, for example, when a partner is accused of breaching his or her fiduciary duty owed to the partnership.

The Austin partnership disputes lawyers at Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC have experience representing business partners in intra-partnership disputes and in the process of winding down and liquidating a partnership.

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Is your business partner preventing your access to partnership records?

As a partner, you generally have a right to review partnership records and documents. If your partners refuse to provide access to records, that can sometimes be a sign that there is something untoward happening.

Is your business partner secretly competing with the partnership?

Sometimes a partner will desire to start a new business in the same industry and may actively solicit current partnership clients and even compete. This may be a breach of his or her fiduciary duties owed to the partnership. If you believe a business partner is stealing clients or has misappropriate partnership assets or trade secrets (such as customer or supplier lists), call the law firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC today for a free consultation.

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