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Shareholder and Derivative Litigation

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Are you involved in a shareholder dispute?

Texas corporations often find themselves in disputes with shareholders. These disputes can arise from corporate actions certain shareholders disagree with, for example, when shareholders are negatively impacted by dilution required by a round of funding or by a corporate merger.

Similarly, as a shareholder, sometimes it’s necessary to file a lawsuit to protect your rights when officers, directors, or majority shareholders lock you out of the management of the business, breach their fiduciary duties, or divert corporate assets to their own pockets. Minority shareholders have important rights and interests that need protection.

Shareholder litigation is a complex area of law with many procedural and substantive landmines that cause the unprepared or inexperienced attorney to stumble. You need a detail-oriented and experienced attorney to ensure that your rights as a corporation, director, officer, or shareholder are zealously represented in a court of law.

The civil trial attorneys of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC have experience with a wide range of issues that arise in shareholder and derivative litigation, including

  • the business judgment rule
  • fiduciary duties
  • conflicts of interest
  • self-dealing
  • shareholder suppression
  • access to corporate books and records

You need an experienced trial attorney advocating for your best interests and seeking an expeditious and cost-effective resolution of your dispute. If you believe you may have a potential shareholder or derivative lawsuit, contact the law firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC today to discuss your case.

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