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The Austin civil trial attorneys of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC have a combined 60 years’ experience handling civil matters at both the state and federal level. TWM attorneys represent clients in various matters involving business and commercial litigation, securities fraud, construction defects, partnership disputes, negligence and many other areas.

Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC strives to secure tangible results in the most practical, cost-effective manner. When matters can be resolved by negotiation, compromise, and settlement, that can save parties time, energy, and legal fees. But sometimes you need to go to the mat and have your case decided by a judge or jury. The Austin civil trial firm of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC has the skill and experience you need to best represent your case at trial.

TWM attorneys also have experience in arbitration, which is an alternative to trial in a state or federal court. Arbitration can be more informal and cost-effective, but it is no less serious. If you are facing an arbitration hearing, you need an attorney with the experience and knowhow to present your case in the best possible light.

It is often difficult to know whether a dispute will be resolved through settlement or will proceed to a full-blown trial. However, having the assistance of an experienced civil litigator who is prepared to go to trial if necessary is likely to give clients increased leverage in negotiating a settlement. In addition, an experienced civil litigator knows how to use pre-trial procedure to put his clients in the best possible position, whether at the conference table negotiating settlement or at the courthouse steps.

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