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Mr. Thomas is a competent and talented attorney…

“Mr. Thomas is a competent and talented attorney who is passionate about you and your case. … Our case involved complex contract and fiscal issues following the sale of our cybersecurity software company to a private equity firm. Fearing we would require a high-powered, law firm with a team of attorneys and huge budget – we sought out Mr. Thomas and were pleasantly surprised within a matter of days that he completely understood the complex legal and technical issues specific to our complaint. If you’re looking for an attorney that will fight passionately to win your case, not overtax your budget, and make you feel comfortable as you venture into the complex and otherwise frustrating world of litigation, Mr. Thomas is your best bet.”
Greg Sharp, President & CEO

The best set of attorneys available…

“Walter and his firm are by far the best set of attorneys available. Down to earth, have the clients best interests at heart and over work themselves to accomplish the goals. I HIGHLY regard them and their abilities.”
Terry Norris, CEO Safe Way Rental Equipment Co.

He has the ability to come out on top…

“John [Thomas] has proven to us he has the ability to come out on top against the largest international law firms who have teams of attorneys and unlimited budgets.”
Trey Winborn, Chairman, American Plant Food Corporation

John was prepared, passionate, knew Florida law…

“When litigating a complex, high dollar case here in Florida and the other side brings in out-of-state counsel, it is usually a big mistake. Then came John [Thomas]. John was prepared, passionate, knew Florida law as good as any Florida lawyer I know and was very effective and persuasive before the Court. His advocacy and litigation strategies were of the highest level, and to the chagrin of my client and myself they led him to secure an excellent result for his client. Very few lawyers anywhere could have done what John accomplished in our case. I have the highest respect and regard for him and his legal skills.”
Glen H. Waldman, Esq., Waldman Barnett, P.L.

He is instrumental in identifying potential defendants…

“As a receiver in state and federal proceedings, John [Thomas] has been an essential member of my legal team for nearly a decade. Receiverships, by their nature, are rarely in a position to sustain the full cost and expense of litigation. He is instrumental in identifying potential defendants, focusing the claims and executing litigation strategy. John’s willingness to undertake matters on a contingency fee provides the ultimate confirmation of a claims’ viability. In Retirement Value in particular, John was responsible for significant victories against multiple defendants in extremely complex litigation lasting three years.”
Eduardo Espinosa, Esq., Receiver

Trusted friend, counselor and confidant…

“I have known Walter for 30 years.  He is a trusted friend, counselor and confidant.  He is loyal, accessible and listens intently.  His advice is always insightful and is often followed by a recommendation not to engage in litigation. His honest and thorough assessment of facts and circumstances has proven to be  invaluable to me, my business and my family. His insight, determination and trial lawyer skillset came into play when I hired Walter to collect a large receivable for my commercial construction company against a downtown developer.  He negotiated the assignment of the developer’s claim against a large telecom company who had walked away from a multi-floor lease of specially built out space.  He filed a lawsuit against the telecom company and tried the case to a Travis County jury and received an $11,000,000 verdict for breach of contract, fraud and piercing the corporate veil.  The verdict included $5,000,000 in punitive damages. My receivable was paid and then some.  Walter went on to represent multiple plaintiffs out of state against the same defendants and was able to achieve significant settlements.  Walter’s work made all the difference to me.”

Scott Jones, Balcones Systems, Inc.

Guidance, talent, diligence, and cost-effective …

“John Thomas quickly became an invaluable asset to my organization.  He quickly engaged in assisting my company in a dispute.  His guidance, talent, diligence and cost-effective efforts resulted in a great result for my company.  While I do not relish engaging litigators, if/when I have to in the future, I will not hesitate to engage John Thomas and his team.”

Michael O’Toole, General Counsel, Poolin

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