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If you’re involved in a professional dispute, you need a West Lake Hills business dispute lawyer you can trust. At Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC, we have an exceptional team that serves as your business litigation lawyers in West Lake Hills TX. People choose us to represent them because of our integrity and established track record.

Looking for an Experienced West Lake Hills Business Dispute Lawyer?

There’s a reason why the name of Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC is feared by other, larger firms. We have a formidable record of decisive wins in court. When you’re prepared to go the distance and have the knowledge and experience to persuade a jury, your case may reach a successful resolution by settlement without even going to trial. If you choose us to serve as your West Lake Hills business litigation lawyers, we will strive to win remuneration for you or your company.

For example, unless a contract is governed by the Statute of Frauds, oral agreements are just as enforceable as a written contract. When we serve as your West Lake Hills business dispute lawyer, we will provide opportunities for compensation that you may not have considered.

Our firm has over 60 years of legal experience to represent you with confidence. We work hard for our clients who choose us as their business litigation lawyers in West Lake Hills TX, and we will pursue every avenue of compensation.

Expedited Relief

Some situations require expedited relief from state or federal court. You may need to minimize loss to you or your business where time is critical.

In such cases it may be necessary to initiate one of the following:

  1. Temporary restraining order
  2. Temporary injunction

If you need a business dispute lawyer in West Lake Hills TX our firm is ready to handle your case with alacrity, finesse and strength to protect your interests.

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At Thomas Williams McConnell PLLC, we make it our mission to represent well those who need a business dispute lawyer in West Lake Hills TX.

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